Buyer and Seller tips: Backyard wood deck in Spring, TX

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It was a gorgeous day in Spring, TX so my husband and I decided to improve our home by getting rid of the really old wood deck in our backyard.

This is the before of our deck

The house was built in 1974 and I think the deck was built shortly after.  It was a bittersweet moment when we started to rip the old rotten wood.  I couldn’t help but think of all the wonderful memories the previous 2 families might have had on this deck.  Then the moment passed once I started seeing the tons of rodent feces under this deck.  Yuck!!

The top level of the deck is off so we have the pleasure of find all sorts of treasures!

This is why so many people always tell you it’s a bad idea to have a multi-level wood deck touching the ground.  It’s a breeding ground for all kinds of treasures!  Unfortunately this project left several spiders, roaches, and worms homeless but on the bright side the birds had a buffet!  Thankfully they have composite material that looks just like would.

Since my brother was able to help us with this project we were done removing all the wood by lunch time!

So this is the results for today!

We still have to remove the posts but that can wait until tomorrow.  If you just bought a home or if you are thinking of selling, take a look at the backyard.  Are there any simple changes you can do to improve the value?  It doesn’t have to be removing the deck, you can simply power wash it.

What DIY home improvements are you working on?  I’d love to hear your stories!


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